Check out the most FAQ below. Still need some help? Use the contact form at the bottom of the page to get in touch with us.

How can I add merchandise like the Training Tank Top or Crewneck Sweater?

Head to Gourdy’s General Store by clicking here. Orders of $50+ receive free shipping within the continental USA!

Please note, if you are registered for a in-person race and wish to add the Tough Pumpkin Challenge, you must do so by managing your add-ons in RunSignup.

What's your sizing like?

You can view the size chart below for the lightweight tech hoodie. If you’re buying extra merch like the Training Tank Top or Crewneck Sweater, you will see the appropriate size charts when viewing the item on Gourdy’s General Store.

Lightweight Tech Hoodie size chart 2024
Lightweight Tech Hoodie size chart 2024

All items are unisex.

What if I do not run?

We encourage people of all levels and abilities to come out and join us. The race itself is a fun celebration of our favorite season! Whether you run it, walk it, or somewhere in between, you will have a great time. In fact, about 1/3 of all participants opt to walk the 5K.

What is the Pumpkin Support League?

Once you’re signed up for the Gourdy’s Pumpkin Run, you’ll become part of the Pumpkin Support League! The Pumpkin Support League (or PSL) is an easy way you can earn your registration fee back by inviting friends to join you this fall. Simply share your unique referral link on social media and start accruing referral points!

Earn Your Registration Fee Back

The more people that sign up through your link, the more rewards:

5 Referrals: $20 of your registration fee credited back

10 Referrals: The remainder of your base registration fee credited back

Share Early and Often

The more times you share, the more likely someone will see it and sign up using your link!

Make Sure They Use Your Link

Make sure they click through the link and register on the same visit. If they come back at a later time, the system may not count the referral due to individual browser settings. It’s a good idea to let people know you receive a referral credit as long as they click through your link and sign up in the same browsing session!

Where does the registration fee go?

The majority of your registration fee goes to cover all the costs associated with producing the event. These include items like the lightweight tech hoodie, finisher’s medal, bib, apple cider, shipping of items (for the Virtual Run), fulfillment service, promotion of the event, event staff, vendors, the list goes on…

Beyond that, we are proud to have our National Charity Partner: Girls on the Run! Gourdy’s Pumpkin Run is donating $1 for every registration this year to Girls on the Run! In addition to our donation, we’re giving participants the opportunity to fundraise and earn their registration fee back, or donate directly to Girls on the Run during registration.

Girls on the Run® is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a world where every girl knows and activates her limitless potential and is free to boldly pursue her dreams. Inspiring girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running, Girls on the Run transforms the lives of girls across the country by teaching them critical life skills that stay with them for a lifetime. We’re so excited for this partnership and encourage you to learn more about it here: https://www.girlsontherun.org/gotr-and-gourdys/

What is the Tough Pumpkin option?

Apparently, some people think running isn’t tough enough.

At in-person races, you’ll be able to pick up your pumpkin for the challenge prior heading to the start line. Carry it the entire 3.1 miles to the finish line and you’ll receive the exclusive Tough Pumpkin medal in addition to the regular Finisher’s medal.

Opting for the Virtual Run? Grab a pumpkin from your nearby farm or gardening center and bring it along for the run!

Be sure to snap some fun pics and use #toughpumpkin if you add this challenge on!

Virtual Run FAQ's

When will my packet ship?

Packets begin shipping towards the end of August. Once yours ships, you’ll receive tracking via email.

We ship in the order that we receive. This means that those that register in early spring will receive theirs before those that wait until summer.

What is the Virtual Run option?

You can run or walk your 5K anytime, anywhere through October 31st. All your race goodies ship straight to your door. This option allows for maximum flexibility when planning your own race day.

Since 2016, we’ve offered this and have grown the experience to more than just receiving a packet in the mail. From the moment you sign up, you can engage with fellow runners in our Facebook Community Group, train with others in the free Strava club, and share photos on Instagram.

When your race day arrives, you can upload photos and submit results, all making your accomplishment more meaningful!

Where is the Virtual Run available (where do you ship)?

In addition to the USA, the Virtual Run is available in Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Shipping and handling notes:

  • Shipping covers everyone in your cart at the same address, regardless of the number of people. The more packets in one single cart means you save on shipping!
  • If you need packets to go to multiple addresses, you’ll need to register each person individually (not all in one cart). By doing each one by itself, you’ll be able to enter a shipping address for each person
  • For orders outside the USA, shipment terms are DDU (delivery duties unpaid). Depending on the order amount and your local customs, you may need to remit taxes/duties.

Shipping charges per transaction are as follows:

USA (lower 48) – $7.95
USA (Alaska, Hawaii, and Armed Forces) – $9.95

Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, and United Kingdom – $29.00

Denmark, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland – $39.00

How can I submit my time and upload photos for the Virtual Run option?

Upload Your Results

1. Login to your RunSignup Account via the profile icon at the top right of the RunSignup website beginning September 1st.

2. Navigate to your profile via the menu under the profile icon.

3. Scroll down to “Upcoming Races” and click on “Submit Virtual Results.”

4. Submit your results and click ‘Submit Virtual Results’ to save it!

If you added on the official Tough Pumpkin option, you should weigh your pumpkin before your 5K and when submitting your time, also include the weight of your pumpkin in pounds. At the end of the Virtual Run period, we will tally them all up and announce how many pounds were carried in total! If you didn’t run with a pumpkin, simply enter ‘0’ for the tally.

Finisher’s Badge

Once you’ve uploaded your results, you can download your official finisher’s badge. On your results page in RunSignup (same area where you see your time and photos), you’ll see a link for ‘Certificate’. Click it, download it, and share it!

ProTip: While you can print it, you can also right click the image, copy/download it, then share it on social media! Be sure to tag us @gourdyspumpkinrun and use #gourdyspumpkinrun so we can see it and share!

Tough Pumpkin

Did you add on Tough Pumpkin? Weigh your pumpkin prior to heading out on your run or walk! When you submit your official time, you can enter the pumpkin’s weight.

Still want to add on Tough Pumpkin? You can do so here!


Snap a great photo during your run or walk? Share it! When you go to upload your results, you can also easily upload photos to add to the overall album so others can see.

Beyond that, we encourage you to share photos on our Facebook Community Group and also on Instagram. Be sure to tag us @gourdyspumpkinrun and use the hashtags #gourdyspumpkinrun and #toughpumpkin!


Speaking of photos, we strongly encourage interacting with us and our community on Instagram. Whenever you post a photo or video this fall related to Gourdy’s Pumpkin Run, tag @gourdyspumpkinrun and use the hashtag #gourdyspumpkinrun. This will allow us to share it on our Instagram Story and for others to find your post! Gourdy has been known to send swag out to random Instagram followers from time to time…


What happened to the Fall-natic Challenge?

Due to increased costs and lower demand, we have decided to not renew the Fall-natic Challenge this year. We hope to bring it back in future years!

What is Tough Pumpkin?

Apparently, some people think running isn’t tough enough. Grab a pumpkin from your nearby farm or gardening center and bring it along for the ride! In addition to the regular finisher’s medal, you’ll receive the exclusive Tough Pumpkin medal.

If you didn’t add it on during registration, it’s not too late. Head here to add it on!

Be sure to snap some fun pics and use #toughpumpkin if you add this challenge on!

In-Person Race FAQ's

Am I allowed to bring my dog? How about a stroller?

Sorry, even though we’re MAJOR dog people, we’re unable to allow them on the course with you unless they are service animals. Please check the specific website of your race venue for their rules regarding pets on the property.

Strollers, wagons, and similar devices are permitted at your discretion.

If using a stroller or wagon, you must line up in the back of the corral (this is for everyones safety and enjoyment on the course!)

Anyone walking or running the course must be a registered participant (we offer youth-sized lightweight tech hoodies!) If you are bringing an infant or young toddler and do not register them, they are not permitted to run or walk the course, nor will they receive any race benefits.

There is no longer an event near me. Why?

We bring events back year over year as much as we can. However, multiple factors influence where we host races, including demand, increased costs, permitting, and venue agreements.

You can check out all available locations here.

If we’re not in your neck of the woods in 2024, keep the tradition alive by joining us in the ever-popular Virtual Run here.

What are my packet pickup options?

Friday packet pickup: We’ll have in-person packet pickup Friday afternoon at the race venue from 4-6PM. Swing by to grab your packet and avoid lines on race morning!

Race day packet pickup: Pick up your items the morning of the run! We recommend arriving at least 1.5 hours before race start. Please check your specific event page for hours!

What is team registration?

Celebrate the season with friends by creating a team! It’s easy:

1) The first person to sign up creates the team.

2) That person is the designated team captain. They will enter a team name and then finish their own registration.

3) Then, they can share the team name and password so others can join!

The sweetest part? Each team member will save $5 on their registration!

The team captain does not have to sign everyone up. Rather, each team member can sign up and pay for their own registration, all while still receiving $5 off!

What is Tough Pumpkin?

3.1 miles too easy? Looking to challenge yourself a little more? Add on the Tough Pumpkin option and we’ll supply you with a pumpkin to tag along during the 5K!

Here’s how it works:

1. Add Tough Pumpkin during registration.
2. Choose your pumpkin at packet pick-up (sizes range from a couple of pounds up to ten pounds).
3. After crossing the finish line, you’ll receive the exclusive Tough Pumpkin medal in addition to the regular finisher medal!

Are you already signed up for a location-based race and want to add Tough Pumpkin? Manage your registration add-ons in RunSignUp here.

Do you need volunteers?

We always need awesome volunteers to help make the race a success. There are several shifts to choose from when signing up as a volunteer. Besides having a great time, you’ll receive:

-Choice of a FREE race registration or a donation made to Girls on the Run

-Exclusive volunteer shirt + beanie

Down to help out? Find a race here, scroll down to the volunteer section, and click the link to view available times.

What kind of on-site amenities and hospitality can I expect?

As cheesy as it sounds, we take a lot of pride in making your experience memorable. Amongst other things, we ensure:

  • Plenty of restrooms
  • Ample parking
  • Bottled water at the finish line
  • Easy packet pick-up options including race morning
  • Professional EMS
  • Experienced race directors and amazing volunteers
  • Well marked course

Even though we’ve been running with pumpkins for 10+ years, we’re always implementing new ways to make the race experience that much better for you!

Can I ask you something else?

Of course! Fill out the contact form below and we’ll get back with you!

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


I hope they’re pumpkin spice flavored!

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