New Around Here?


As registration is now open for Fall 2024, we created this blog post to help those new to the world of Gourdy’s Pumpkin Run. Read on to learn the ins and outs of all things GPR:


In-person vs. Virtual Run

The biggest choice you have to make is whether you want to join us at a live race or opt for the Virtual Run. We have six in-person 5K’s this fall:

Lansing, Michigan on September 7th

Detroit, Michigan on September 14th

Chicago, Illinois on September 28th

Akron, Ohio on October 19th

Columbus, Ohio on October 26th

The Virtual Run starts on September 1st and ends on October 31st, which allows you plenty of time to complete your run anywhere you’d like.

Getting Details and Signing Up

You can view all the details for in-person races here or the Virtual Run here.

Regardless of the option you choose, you’ll be signing up via RunSignup, which is an industry leader for endurance event registrations. Think of it like a Ticketmaster for running, but less drama.

Whether you sign up on mobile or desktop, it’s a pretty quick process (less than 3 minutes!) Securing your registration online early not only saves you money, but it also ensures you get the size you need for the lightweight tech hoodie (sizes sell out prior to fall).


Not a ‘Runner’

Cool with us! About 1/3 of all our participants choose to walk their 5K. Exercise is exercise, and there’s no better way to kickoff a healthy habit while enjoying some cool fall weather!

Why should I sign up for this race instead of XYZ race?

You should sign up for alllll the races 🙂 We love our peers and think the world of our little niche industry. But, if you are budgeting for one race this fall, here’s why you should choose GPR:

  • Fall tradition: The race has been a fall tradition for a bunch of fall-natics since 2012. Start your tradition this year!
  • Sweet swag: From the perfectly designed lightweight tech hoodie to medals that double as magnets.
  • Family-owned: The entire thing may feel like one of the big-boy races, but we’re a small family-owned and operated event.
  • Easy-peasy: Over the years, we’ve continually made improvements on every aspect of both in-person races and the Virtual Run. From registration to on-site logistics to shipping Virtual Run packets. The under-the-hood things add up and we keep them humming along so you have a smooth ride.
  • Supporting a great cause: You registration directly impacts Girls on the Run!
Stress-free race: no traffic, long lines, or time constraints
I’m in! After registering, what happens?

First of all, you should start getting outside and logging some training miles. Beyond that, here’s the general gist of what’s next:

  • Confirmation email: This will have all your registration details and several links to engage with prior to race morning.
  • Participant Guide: About a week prior to the big day, you’ll get another email that has the official Participant Guide.
  • Race morning: Arrive early so you can park, grab your packet, and get in some light stretching before heading to the start line.
  • Post-race: After crossing the finish line, you get your apple cider and finisher medal. Later on, you’ll get results sent to you! Hang out with your friends all morning and enjoy the fall day!
Virtual Run:
  • Confirmation email: This will have all your registration details and several links to engage with prior to race morning.
  • Participant Guide: Right before the start of the Virtual Run period on September 1st, we’ll email you a guide with all the how-to’s.
  • Packets: We ship race packets out the last week of August. Inside will be all your goodies including the lightweight tech hoodie, bib, and finisher medal.
  • Your race day: After you rock your 5K, be sure to upload your results and share photos. All these how-to’s will be detailed in the Participant Guide, making your race day a breeze.
You don't have to be fast as a gazelle to run this 5K

If you really like reading, we have plenty more. Learn all about GPR here. Or, a more detailed what-to-expect here. Finally, check out all the FAQs and contact page here.

Hope to see you out there this fall!

Join us by signing up for an in-person race here. Or, run from your own ‘hood via the Virtual Run here.




I hope they’re pumpkin spice flavored!

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